That Christmas When You Realise, You’re Getting Older…

I remember always being über-excited and anxious and couldn’t wait for christmas eve. It used to be all about the pressies – what will I get, how much will I get etc. Unfortunately,  christmas doesn’t  last forever, as a matter of fact, the day goes by reaaaally quick, much to my disappointment, I might add.

So last year I decided to enjoy and endulge the pre-christmas time, starting on November 24 th.


Nins’ pre-christmas time list:

  • Christmas tunes – an all time fave – War is over by John Lennon
  • Candles
  • Decorating
  • Films such as The Holiday, Scrooged, Little Lord Fauntleroy, The Stone family, Bridget Jones and many more
  • Christmas shopping – now remember, the longer you wait, the busier it will get, especially if you’re doing your shopping on the 23 rd of Dec :)
  • Waffles, Cookies
  • Christmas jumpers – aww bless, I love ’em

This year for the first time ever, I am looking forward to celebrating with my family and to give presents to my nephews instead of receiving them. So when I stood outside this morning, taking a drag from my ciggie I realised, that I’m getting older. Well, I’d say it was about time, given the fact that I am 32 and have the emotional matureness of a 22 year old.

Dear readers, I wish you all a merry christmas! Enjoy the holidays with your loved-ones, have lots of eggnog and delicious roasts, cake, pie and lots more.



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  1. As Christmas is approaching, Lots of people like me love to shop online and searching for new stuff. Festival full of light, decoration and gifts.

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