Meeting the lovely Cecelia Ahern

My friend Raphaela and I went to a local book store to meet the lovely Cecilia Ahern. For those of you, who are not familiar with her, here’s a link to her website:

The 30-year-old Irish writer first published in 2004, the title of her first novel: P.S. I love you. I really liked her book, however, the movie didn’t do her no justice at all. For starters, how can you change the settings to NY, when the book took place in Ireland. On the upside, Gerald Butler was quite the eye catcher in the movie, so it made it worthwile :)

Anyway, so my  girl and I went and picked up her latest book, got them signed and took a couple of pictures. And, have I mentioned how adorable Cecilia is?!?

A book review will be posted as soon as I’ve read the book!

Cheers! X

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