BOY- It Is Bloody Cold Outside

The temperatures in Germany are constantly dropping. It is freezing. I came down with an ear infection, a cold etc. As stated in my previous post, I also had exams last week and another one next week Wednesday. So I’ve pretty much spent my time in bed and the library studying.

The only thing that kept me going is the new BOY album. I absolutely love it. I listen to it every spare moment. The Duo is from Switzerland and Germany (was just brought to my attention by a friend ) Рwhat kind of Genre? Somewhere between Folk-Acoustic-Pop. They will be touring Germany this spring and guess who just got some tickets? Yup, that would be me. I am so excited. I really need to get back to my books now. BTW, did you know that the privilege of literacy  belonged to monks and vicars until the 13th century ? Furthermore, were you aware of the fact that with inventing the font there were critics who thought that people might lose their intelligence due to them being able to write thoughts down? Okay, enough now, as you can tell, I really should get back to studying. Girls, you have a lovely day.


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