Bender & Schillinger @ Red Cat

Bender & Schillinger is this Duo from Mainz- Linda Bender and Chris Schillinger. They recently won the STUZ- Band contest, which -I might add- they absolutely deserved to win. The first time I heard them was in January at the Baron on campus. Not only can they sing BUT they also play several instruments and write their own songs. Their harmonies are wicked and once you’ll see them on stage- you will keep coming back for more. Their sound is raw and honest, you’ll believe every word they say(sing).

Last night they performed at a local venue-Red Cat as supporting act. Although paying 7 EUR-which is ridiculous since we’re students- our money was well spent. I somehow had the feeling that more people came out to see Bender&Schillinger instead of the “main” act. So there we were, my flat mates and I, standing in the second row with our eyes closed and enjoying the beautiful raw acoustic sound. But unfortunately all good things must come to an end and for me it was the minute they got off stage.

Linda rocked a wicked outfit: Navy blue trousers, a plain top and suspender!

Here are some images from last night.

Here is a link to their website:

Outfit: Jeans shorts (Vintage), black tights, wedges, blouse (H&M)

That’s it for today, spk soon!

Cheers! X

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