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Last weekend I was invited by Shoryu to review their menu.

Someone say Ramen? Yep, you know those delicious soup bowls with noodles, veg, meat and seafood.


Prawn Tempura

prawn tempura

I’m always a tad ambivalent when it comes to deep fried food; don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love deep fried stuff, who doesn’t?! However, some restaurants aren’t very anal when it comes to changing the oil in the fryer which causes an ‘old-oil-taste’ and as you can probably guess, it’s not very tasty.

Shoryu’s prawns were super yummy, the shellfish was fresh and didn’t have a fishy taste to it.

Chicken Gyoza

chicken gyoza

chicken gyoza shoryu

The gyozas always remind me of my dad! He is THE best chef when it comes to Asian cooking, as a matter of fact, let me rephrase that, he is THE best chef. Fullstop.

One portion easily serves two people, after all, you don’t want to spoil your appetite for the main dish, right?!

Bao Burger

bao chicken


So, here is the thing, I’ve never been a big fan of Bao. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Asian cuisine, Bao is a type of steam, filled bun or bread-like item and originated in China. Not a big fan but it was always a special day when daddy made them <3


Green Curry Ramen

green curry ramen prawns

I’ve never had green curry ramen before besides curry laksa which doesn’t really count as ramen. I love curry and ramen, so we decided to give this one a try. It could have been a tad spicier for my liking.


green curry ramen

Karaka Tan Tan Tonkotsu

ramen pork mince

The Karaka Tonkotsu was by far my fave dish of the night. We’re talking ramen and minced pork.

pork mince ramen


belly pork



We ordered a side of belly pork and kimchi and had the kimchi in the Tonkotsu ramen which is super delish (click here to know more). Kimchi is a traditional Korean dish of fermented veggies. It gets marinated with chili flakes and fish sauce. Now before you shake your head, it tastes a lot better than it sounds. Promise!!!



pink geisha gin cocktail

The autumn/winter special cocktails were super yummy. A variation of gin and cinnamon, it smells and tastes like Christmas.


Love, Nina x