‘This Young Heart’ – Lee Parry’s EP Launch

Once upon a time, we went to The Castle.

Every magical fairytale starts with that line. Last Wednesday, we did indeed make our way to The Castle in Manchester. The back room reeked of sweat and beer and yet, if I had to sum up the night in one word, it would be ‘magical’.

Lee Parry has crowdfunded his EP ‘This Young Heart’ through PledgeMusic. Friends, family, fellow musicians and fans of the bespoke folk singer/songwriter have generously donated to make this EP happen. Lee is such a lovely and humble person, overwhelmed by the fact of how many music lovers have supported him. I sometimes think that he still doesn’t know himself what a wonderful musician he is, the immense talent he has and the effect he has on others. A down to earth young man whose music will make you smile and even shed a tear sometimes because the composition  of his songs, along with his heartfelt bluesy voice will affect you in every aspect.


With support from local singer/songwriters Janileigh Cohen, Lindsay Munroe and Thom Morecroft, the night was off to a brilliant start. Having been to the Castle a few times, I have never seen it that packed in there.

Lee Parry even played a new song. ‘Made’ is a song that unfortunately isn’t on the EP and a dedication to Lindsay Munroe. It was nice to witness the chemistry between the two of them on stage.

Love was in the air – in all its different forms.


Lee’s style of music won’t make you jump out of your seat. It will, however, glue you to your seat in awe of the mesmerising performance in front of you.

Nerves don’t seem to get the best of him. With his voice soaring through the room, he gets lost in his own music at times, which makes every single gig of his, a special one. And it makes time fly.

Lee’s EP can be purchased here. Five lovely songs. Five lovely stories. And by the time you get to track 5, you wish there was more. Because you see, that’s the thing about Lee Parry – once you’ve heard his songs, you simply want more. I’m sure, this is only the beginning for him, the beginning of a wonderful career.



Love, Nina x

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