STORMS – An Interview, Beers And Fags

Interview with Storms


Last Saturday STORMS played a gig at Manchester’s Night and Day Cafe with a few other bands. STORMS are a London based band who are currently touring and establishing themselves on a saturated market where every Tom, Dick and Harry is trying to make it as a musician. Having played together for about eighteen months, the quartet has a pretty intense stage presence.



Throughout the whole set I couldn’t take my eyes off them. I felt as if I was watching a live music video. The lads were lost in their own music, playing their instruments with such passion. Now when I say ‘lost in their own music’, I don’t mean ‘not interacting’ with the audience but the utter passion and love for what they do – pretty mint music.



The interview with STORMS was more like a post-gig chill out incl. beers and fags and lots of banter. The guys are easy-going and know damn well what they want – play their music and take over the world. I might be a bit biased but even Russel Brand is a fan of the four lads. Yep, you heard right. Former husband of Katy Perry tweeted STORM’s new video ‘GIRL’ …


Interview with STORMS:

What Nina Spotted: Thanks for taking the time for a quick chat. If you could maybe start by introducing yourselves?

Felix: I’m Felix, I’m the lead guitarist.

George: I’m George, I am the singer and a guitarist.

Gary: Gary, I play the drums.

Yacob: I’m Yacob, I play the bass.

WNS: So how do you guys know each other?

Felix: Ehm, me and George met when we were like nineteen in indie clubs, he was DJing ..

WNS: Borderline?

Felix: At the time no … Metro … and then we found Yacob on Gumtree, which was perfect …

WNS: Haha, it’s like looking for a flatmate …

Felix: … and then I met Gary at uni … Did you finish (looking at Gary) … I dropped out … and we tried to get Gary in but he was just … and then five years later, he was on it. He was in another band with people we used to be in bands with, so we got Gary in and it’s just fucking worked, so we’ve been like this for like a year and a half.

WNS: So do you guys live together?

Felix: No

Yacob: Fuck no. (Everyone’s hardcore laughing)

WNS: ‘Cause sometimes you get bands who live together, they kinda wanna get everything started, move in a warehouse …

Felix: That would be amazing but we’ve got no money, no proper jobs …

WNS: So do you live off making music at the moment?

Felix: No, no, no, we do work but more like part time, Djing etc. I work in a bookshop, Yacob does some on and off jobs, something Danish ( Yacob is Danish btw)…

Yacob: I had so many fucking jobs, I keep getting fired, I had about 40 jobs in the last six years … (Everyone’s laughing)

Felix: You’re not recording this, are you?!? (More laughter)

Felix: … and Gary is on the dole … haha

Gary: I’m not actually on the dole … more like self employed …

Yacob: … he does one drum lesson a week … haha … do you want his tax code as well?

WNS: Would you say it’s easier being a musician nowadays with all kinds of Social Media involved or harder?

Yacob: It’s hard to say, isn’t it?

George: It’s definitely easier getting people to gigs etc.

Felix: It’s like a complete saturation now … there’s so many people and everyone is blogging, facebooking and tweeting. I guess before it was harder to access people but now it’s easier to access people because it’s so saturated, people don’t click on everything, well they do but there’s just so much going on … it’s just like a total brainfuck … so … ehm, I don’t know whether it’s easier or not, there are definitely pros and cons. If you used to be good, then there’s no certain need, you go behind the strength of being good, natural and organic and now you can kind of manipulate media and if you got good media, you don’t necessarily make good music. So I don’t know, it’s both sides really.

WNS: If you could collaborate with three musicians, who would they be?

George: Dead or alive?

WNS: It doesn’t matter.

Yacob: Beethoven.

George: Does it have to be bands?

WNS: No.

George: Snoop Dog.

Yacob: Does it have to be bands, haha.

Felix: Does it have to be Snoop Dog? (simultaneous laughter)

Felix: Bowie.

WNS: Whoop whoop. Good choice.

Gary: John Lennon.

WNS: So, would you say those different genres influence your music (obviously not Beethoven Yacob)?

Felix: Yeah, massive. He (points at Yacob) … what’s your background? Semi-classical, Jazz, like Stevie Wonder. Our guilty pleasure, we (looks at George) grew up with Meatloaf …

WNS: Hahahahahaha …

Felix: But I mean it’s not influence wise. The biggest influences on our music are probably Smashing Pumpkins, Weezer and Pixies.

WNS: The Cure? I said to Martina earlier: Their sound reminds me a bit of The Cure in their early days … I know bands don’t usually like being compared to other bands or put in a specific genre but your sound is a bit Hard Rock, Punk at times with a hint of The Cure.

Felix: Oh we would love The Cure.

Yacob: It’s Grunge and sort of Pop. Grop.

Storms: Grop!

Felix: It’s funny though, everyone says something different. We never had The Cure before. A lot of people say Suede.

WNS: Believe me, The Cure, I’ve got a good ear, haha.

Felix: Haha, ok, so from now on, we are The Cure.

WNS: So, do you guys vintage shop?

Felix: Vintage shop? Ehm…

Yacob: Yeah, Beyond Retro, we shop there… (giggling)

WNS: Are you taking the piss?

Yacob: Are you taking the fucking piss, pal? Haha

Felix: No, we do.

Yacob: Yeah, we do. I haven’t actually bought any new clothes in the last three years but he gave me his jacket. So I got a new jacket. (Awkward silence)

WNS: Vinyl or Spotify?

Storms: Vinyl!!!

Felix: Yeah, but you can’t…

Yacob: But, but, but …

Felix: Unless you’ve got a mate, who’s got an amazing vinyl player at a party and he’s got lots of great vinyl, it’s an absolute pain in the fucking balls.

George: I think if you listen to an album and you have a vinyl player, I’d rather listen to a vinyl but it’s just more convenient, isn’t it?

Felix: They both have their purpose, I mean I do love vinyl but certain situations call for Spotify, quick songs, it does the job.

George: It really depends on the band and the era.

Felix: Billy Joel isn’t on fucking Spotify – why isn’t he on Spotify?

WNS: The Beatles aren’t on there, it’s only cover bands.

Yacob: Yeah, you go to a party and your mate puts on Spotify and after like ten minutes everyone’s like, fuck, it’s a cover band. Haha.

WNS: So who writes the songs? Writing process?

Felix: Well, we do write together. We jam together and then I put it together.

WNS: So do you write the lyrics?

Felix: Yeah.

George: Sometimes I sing a melody and just random words..

Felix: Sometimes we have like a … I don’t know what the word is… like a base when we jam and I take out the bits that I like. But sometimes I write the songs at home and then be like ‘Look, I’ve got this idea’ and we might change a little bit or it might be perfect and sometimes we come up with a whole song at rehearsal. It starts in rehearsal and then I develop it at home.

WNS: So do you never write the lyrics first and then add the music?

Felix: No, I never do that. I always prefer to have the music first and write around it because the music gives you a mood to how you’re feeling and if you don’t have the mood… The music gives you a feeling on how you want to lay down a track.

George: That’s quite profound, that was.

Felix: I totally didn’t have that written down.

(Simultaneous laughter)

WNS: So Manchester is obviously the birthplace of some of the greatest bands/ musicians– who is your favourite?

George: Oasis.

Felix: I don’t know any bands from Manchester.

WNS: Are you serious?

George: Joy Division?

WNS: Stone Roses, The Smiths…

Yacob and George: Oh yeah The Smiths …

Felix: They were actually two of the first albums I bought.

WNS: Favourite Oasis song?

George: Oh, I’d say ‘Supersonic’.

Felix: ‘Slide Away’

Yacob: If ‘The Verve’ were from Manchester, they would be my favourite band but who goes ‘Who’s your favourite Wigan band?’ Haha

WNS: Can we smoke in here?

Yacob: No, I’ve been told off so many times. Do you have many more questions?

WNS: Nope, all done.

Everyone: Alright, let’s go upstairs and smoke a fag then.


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Lots of love,

Nina x

6 Responses to STORMS – An Interview, Beers And Fags

  1. Aww great interview! Loved the questions! They seemed like a really fun band! Invite them for a party! 😉

  2. Great interview! I haven’t heard of them before, but they sound like a great band.

  3. Great interview Nina, they seem like great guys. And I loved that song ‘GIlrl’!
    Joana X

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