Small Talk by EKKAH



EKKAH‘s ‘Small Talk’ has been constantly playing in my head and house for the past couple of weeks.

The girl duo from Birmingham consists of Rebecca Wilson and Rebekah Pennington. Having formerly been part of The Arcadian Kicks, they’ve left the grunge scene behind and formed EKKAH in 2013.

Their sound blasts you back to the 80s/90s, a combination of funk, disco with retro hook lines and husky voices.

I saw the girls at Dot 2 Dot in Manchester a few weeks ago and bumped into them in the ladies and besides writing upbeat songs, they are both stunningly beautiful. Their charisma on and off stage is incredible.

Give it a listen and enjoy your Sunday.

Nina xxx

Love, Nina x

One Response to Small Talk by EKKAH

  1. I Birmingham says:

    Go Rebecca love the song and cant wait for the next gig

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