Kate Nash at Jimmy’s NQ In Manchester

‘You said I must eat so many lemons because I am so bitter, I said I’d rather be with your friends’ mates ‘cause they are much fitter.’

Ring a bell? This has got to be one of my favourite lines. Kate Nash landed a number one record in 2007 with ‘Foundations’.

Kate Nash proved to be a role model for modern feminists, articulating women’s issues in modern society in her songs. Needless to say that I was a big fan of her back in 2007 and have followed her career over the years.

Given recent events, Kate Nash came to Manchester and played a charity gig at Jimmy’s NQ which happens to be down the street from me. Scrolling through my twitter feed on the bank holiday Sunday, the MEN tweeted about the charity gig and mentioned Kate Nash being in the NQ handing out free hugs at ‘Vintage Cow’.

A couple of my friends and I made our way to Jimmy’s, donated a couple quid for the charity fund and waited in the tiny room downstairs. And when I say waited, I mean we literally stood right in front of the teeny-tiny stage.

I always thought, the older you get, the less you care about meeting musicians you look up to. Oh boy was I wrong.

Being able to connect with people through music is incredible but getting to see them live and actually being able to communicate with them, is a completely different level.

Kate opened her 30 minute gig engaging with the audience and showed support for the victims and families, as well as all Mancunians.

Her set included songs such as ‘Foundations’, ‘Dickhead’ and ‘Mouthwash’. The crowd sang along to her biggest hits.

Unfortunately the gig ended way too soon. However, we’ve had the chance to catch up with Kate. She is an absolute babe and super down to earth. It was a pleasure meeting her. It was the perfect Sunday afternoon.



Love, Nina x

3 Responses to Kate Nash at Jimmy’s NQ In Manchester

  1. Holly says:

    I love Kate Nash, im from manchester as well, wish i heard about this unfortunately i spend most of my life working :(

  2. I saw her at WE ARE COW the same day! What a lovely lady she is. Very humble indeed x

  3. Ooooh Nina I’d of LOVED to see Kate- her songs remind me of being younger. Glad it was as amazing as I thought it’d be.

    Plus- Definitely need to visit Jimmys soon.

    Em xx


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