Xmas Countdown | The Ultimate Pre-Christmas Check List

Xmas countdown

I love this time of year.

Christmas lights popping up everywhere. The smell of spiced coffees and cinnamon. Knitwear, oversized scarfs, leather gloves and funky headbands.

The Xmas countdown  has officially started.

Everything looks prettier. Everyone is lovelier.

A few years ago I realised that Christmas itself goes by so quickly and most of the time you’re so busy, you simply can’t seize the moment. Therefore, I’ve introduced Nina’s pre-Christmas. A post on this can be found here.

I wanted to be able to enjoy that magical time, the music, the lights, pretty much everything that is involved with Christmas. And Christmas jumpers, got to have a lot of different Christmas jumpers.

So for today’s post, I’ve put together a check-list with things you shouldn’t miss out on in the build up to Christmas.


#1 Get your playlist ready

Christmas tunes are a must – whether they’re traditional Christmas carols or songs that remind you of Christmas, start adding them to your Spotify playlist.


#2 Stock up on Christmas jumpers and festive headbands

I personally buy a new jumper every year. This year I opted for a Harry Potter version from Etsy. It is pretty rad, right? As the ultimate Harry Potter fan, I just couldn’t resist 😉

You can also check the latest Christmas clothing line from this website.


Christmas to do list


#3 Decorate your home

Decorating your house/flat should never be considered a chore, moreover it’s a tradition to officially start the pre-Christmas time. And believe me, your house looks so much prettier. Opting for LED fairy lights will also save you lots of money on your electricity bill.


xmas countdown

#4 DIY projects

Don’t spend a fortune on pre-made decorations, be creative and make your own. The sky is the limit. Get inspired and have a look around when you take your Sunday afternoon stroll. Everything you really need is right in front of your nose.

Xmas countdown

#5 Mulled wine

As a German, I obviously have a major liking for Mulled Wine or as us Germans like to call it, Glühwein.

Rather than buying pre-made mulled wine, why not make it yourself? It will be a lot healthier since you can leave out the sugar and add additional spices you fancy.

Have your pals over for mulled wine, make a massive pot, listen to Christmas songs and maybe even do a few DIY projects together.


#6 Make your own Christmas cookies

The smell of freshly baked cookies in your house is definitely the best perk of making them in the first place. Block out a Saturday afternoon, have your friends over and make a day out of it.


#7 Christmas films

Duuuhhh, the anticipation to watch Christmas films is even bigger than anticipating what I’ll get for Christmas.

I’ve got a few films that are tabu throughout the year… such as Love Actually, The Holiday, The Stone Family etc.


Christmas is all about traditions. It’s nice to look forward to and you’ll be able to make Christmas last a little bit longer.


What is on your Christmas check list? What do you like to do? Please do share.

Have a fab pre-Christmas time xx

Love, Nina x

2 Responses to Xmas Countdown | The Ultimate Pre-Christmas Check List

  1. Debbie says:

    Loving all your ideas of things to enjoy at Christmas……it’s got me quite excited. Especially love the idea of making your own decorations and mulled wine

  2. Elsa Eats says:

    I really like your list and it’s more or less similar to mine! Since my parents are Chinese, we have a fusion Christmas combining both Chinese and Western meals into one :)

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