Switch Off | Why It’s Important To Unwind & 5 Tips On How To Relax

switch off

Us millenials love nothing more than keeping ourselves busy at all times.

We work longer hours than previous generations. We own several devices and therefore make ourselves constantly available. We try to keep fit and squeeze in several workouts in our already busy schedule. We try to maintain a healthy social life, catching up with friends and let’s not forget our hobbies. And when we actually get 20 minutes to ourselves, let’s say on our way to work, on the bus/tram/train, even in the bathroom (don’t pretend that you don’t), we feel the urge to check our mobiles and try to catch up with current affairs, the latest gossip or stalk former lovers on social media.


Why do we constantly feel the need to keep busy and why don’t we allow ourselves to rest, to unwind,


I really struggle to unwind and to switch off these days. I almost feel guilty for not doing anything and won’t allow my mind to wonder or to simply not think.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve developed, or shall I say incorporated a few rituals, that help me to switch off and who would’ve thought, they actually work.

So I thought, for today’s blog post, I’ll share a few simple tips and tricks with you.

#1 Make Time For Yourself

It’s really simple actually but book in time for yourself, block time in your diary, even if it’s only 30 minutes every day and use the time wisely. Hands off any devices, I mean it (scolding face :)).

#2 ¬†It’s OK To Cancel Plans

It’s okay wanting to stay in, getting comfy in your favourite PJs and having a chilled night. Therefore, it is okay to cancel plans. Don’t force yourself, if you’re not up for it. You have to look after yourself and if that means staying in, then it’s absolutely legitimate.

Switch off

#3 Book In For A Massage/Reiki

You’d be surprised but a good massage works wonders. My flatmate and I try booking in once a month, although lately it has been quite irregular. Becki, our masseuse, makes house calls and we usually book in for a 30 minutes massage and 30 minutes of Reiki.

It’s the best. Check out her Facebook page and book in, promise she won’t disappoint.

Switch off

#4 Meditation

You don’t have to sit crossed legged on the floor humming ‘Ohhhhm’ BUT find a position you can be comfortable in for at least 10 minutes (try aiming for 10 minutes, if you haven’t given meditation a try before) and try¬†blocking out any irrelevant thoughts and noise.

Meditation needs practice, so don’t get disheartened, if you at first you don’t succeed. Try finding a playlist on Spotify to get you in the mood.

switch off

#5 Skincare Routine

Yep, you read right. Skincare routine. Who doesn’t love a good old skincare routine. I’ve recently stocked up on new products and have also received my first Birchbox. It’s a good way of trying new high-end products without having to spend a lot of money and therefore getting to try them for a few weeks before investing in full size products. One of my current favourite products is the Future Proof Active Body Butter from Mio. With the weather getting colder, this body butter is a definite moisture treat for your skin.


How do you unwind and switch off? Would love to hear any tips you have.


Nina xxx




Love, Nina x

3 Responses to Switch Off | Why It’s Important To Unwind & 5 Tips On How To Relax

  1. amy lyons says:

    I love this blog post so much… it’s a topic I actually blog about a lot myself too! I think it’s so hard for young people today to find time to relax and ease our minds, but it really is so important that we all take time to do it! xx

  2. Bec says:

    Ah I need to relax so badly but I’m super busy at the moment. With uni work, my job, blogging and societies I literally don’t have a minute to myself unless I’m asleep. Cannot wait for next week to be over so I have a week off to unwind a little x

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