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Christmas deco2

With Christmas preparations in full throttle, we decided to provide you with a few simple and minimalist Christmas decoration ideas. As you will see, these ideas are simple and low budget. In a previous post, we talked about DIY projects for Christmas decorations.

The Alternative Advent Calendar

Minimalist Christmas


I’ve come across this lovely idea on My Scandinavian Home. An alternative version of an advent calendar in shape of a Christmas tree. The monochrome and minimalist appearance won’t crowd your room, so it’s also very suitable for small city centre bedrooms.

Minimalist Christmas


The Alternative Christmas Tree


Minimalist christmas

Since I tend to go back to Germany for the holidays, I don’t usually invest in a Christmas tree and I dislike faux trees. This super cute idea literally requires a small pinewood branch. Simply put it in a nice glass or jar of water et voila.

Minimalist Christmas


Minimalist Christmas


Minimalist christmas

I was particularly inspired by the very simple alternative above. To avoid damages to your walls, simply use blue tag.

Table Decorations

Bring back nature! To go in line with a minimalist style, earthy decorations are a must. The same applies to table decorations. I tend to opt for a less crowded table decoration since we need the space on the table for food. That doesn’t mean that it has to be dull. By adding mistletoe or pine cones, you give your minimalist table decoration a twist.


Minimalist Christmas

Minimalist Christmas

Minimalist Christmas


Minimalist Christmas Lights

Minimalist Christmas 9


Minimalist Christmas 9


Minimalist Christmas


Christmas is all about LED lights and candles for me. It gives your space a different feel and who doesn’t love softer lights. At the same time they are very cost effective, so not only will you save a few extra pounds but also have a movie Christmassy vibe in your own four walls.


Minimalist Candle Decorations

Minimal Christmas 12

Minimal Christmas 13


Minimalist Christmas 11 Minimalist Christmas 12


First off, I have spent less than £20 for my candles. If you pop into Primark and pick up a few white/beige candles, you can get the the decor for free. That is, if you fancy a trip to the countryside. On the other hand, all you really need is a stroll through your nearest park. Keep your eyes open, everything you need to make your house look beautiful and cosy is right under your nose.

Love, Nina x

7 Responses to Minimalist Christmas | Alternative Decoration Ideas

  1. Amy says:

    Very pretty. I really like the floating candles.

  2. Rae says:

    I love the minimalist wall tree. It is such a clever idea. Last year, we printed out a tree for our cramped student house living room, so this would have been ideal!

  3. I love the idea of the pine branch. What a lovely compilation of ideas, Nina :)

    Seeing all the garish lights starting to make the once calm streets flash with glare, I’m certainly a fan of the more natural and minimalist approach. Last year I built our ‘Christmas Easel’ with pruning from our Eucalyptus tree with a few white lights. This year I have rescued a large branch from the street and will be adding that to my easel. :)

    • Oh wow Sarah, that sounds amazing. Don’t get me wrong, I also appreciate over the top xmas decorations but there is so much beauty right on the outskirts, so pretty simple to make yourself as well.

  4. Donita says:

    love this… I like those lightbulbs on the wall. will try it. happy xmass

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