Manchester Film Festival: ‘Midnight Of My Life’ – Film Review

As a director, actor/actress, screenwriter, producer or simply just a film enthusiast, there was only one place to be this weekend – The Manchester Film Festival.

Film professionals from all over the world travelled to Manchester to promote their films and network with like minded people.

My friend Nina Gerstenberger happens to be the screenwriter for one of the short films which was being screened this weekend. An interview I did with her last year can be found here: Interview with Nina Gerstenberger



‘Midnight Of My Life’ is a short film and focusses on Steve Marriott (Small Faces) playing a gig at a dingy pub in London whilst his former band mates and other contemporaries are playing Live Aid at Wembley.


Eight minutes. That’s all it takes to get a message across.

And the message was pretty clear in this recently nominated short film: As a musician, it shouldn’t matter whether you’re playing sold out shows in front of thousands of people or in Steve’s case, in a back room at a pub in Putney.┬áIt’s all about the music in it’s purest form.

Not only did Martin Freeman give an excellent performance as Steve Marriott but support actor Elliot Brown made his debut in the film as a bloke who works in the pub and also happens to be a massive fan of Steve’s and funnily enough is called Steve as well.


Marriott was all about his music, not about the way he looked and what others thought. Nina managed to capture this particular side of Marriott with her gritty take on this short film and luckily enough the audience gets to be part of a magical moment which makes you question your own intentions and approach in life.

Whether you’ve heard of Steve Marriott before or not – this short film is a must see for any music or independent lover.


Nina at the post screening Q&A

Download the short film today and let me know what you think!

That’s it for today,

Nina xx







Love, Nina x

2 Responses to Manchester Film Festival: ‘Midnight Of My Life’ – Film Review

  1. MissPond says:

    I didn’t even realise MCR had a film festival. I love Martin Freeman so will check out the film :)

  2. I didn’t know that Manchester had a film festival. I will be definitely looking out for the one next year.

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