I’ve Had The Time Of My Life

Living near Spinningfields and being an uber Dirty Dancing geek, it was pretty obvious that I would be attending the screening of Dirty Dancing at Screenfields. Throughout the summer they had regular screenings on a Thursday night. For 3 quid you get to experience a festival/open air cinema ambiente with fellow human beings who enjoy being out in the sun, drinking wine, prosecco or beer whilst watching a flick just as much as you do.

photo 2

I knew that we had to get there early due to massive queues but even I was a bit surprised when the boyfriend and I turned up at 18.15 and couldn’t even get in anymore because Mancunians had already spread out their picnic blankets on the lawns and the deck chairs were probably taken by the time Screenfields opened the lawns.

Fair enough, the security guards let us in through the back and we just kinda sneaked all the way to the front and luckily found a spot.

photo 1photo 3

People knew the popular phrases such as ‘I carried a watermelon’ or ‘Nobody puts baby in the corner’ by heart and I really enjoyed the vibe. Girls clapping and ‘wooing’when Patrick Swayze appeared on screen – all in all you can say it was a pretty rad night.

The highlight however, was the end scene.Well you know, when Patrick Swayze returns, steals Baby away,  holds this awesome speech and they have their final dance. Everyone from the audience got up  and started to sing along to ‘ Time of my life’ and just oddly swayed along to the tune. It was mesmerising and even the boyfriend unexpectedly enjoyed the screening. I don’t know whether it was the film, the weather, the people or the location but the combination of all four made this particular Thursday evening pretty amazing.

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