Indie vs. Hipster | What Is The Difference?

indie vs hipster


It seems that Indies have to establish their niche once again due to the  fast growing Hipster sub-culture. We have to explain what the difference is or even explain that Hipsters and Indies are two different genres. Here is a little 101-guidebook.

indie vs hipster


  • is a lifestyle

  • means that you also listen to Indie music

  • one rather wears second-hand clothes than high-end-products

  • one wears plimsoles rather than Nike Airs

  • one wears actual wedges rather than Sneaker-Wedges

  • one wears ladders in tights because one actually ripped them instead of purposely cutting them into tights

  • one wears band shirts because they a) actually fancy the band and b) know them

  • mixing Vintage clothing with en-vogue clothing



  • Carhartt beanies

  • Hollister, Bench and other brand clothing

  • Neon Nike trainers

  • wear band shirts and have never even heard of the band

  • trying too hard to be independent

  • have never heard of indie music and prefer electronic music

  •  men seriously need to visit a barber, to get rid of all that unattractive facial hair


If you’re a Hipster, be my guest, that’s alright, luckily we live in a world with thousands of different styles and everyone should express their personalities as they wish but please note for the future, that there is a huge difference between Hipsters and Indies!

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