Dinner At Neighbourhood In Spinningfields

There are places you go to for nice ambience. There are venues you go to for amazing and lush cocktails. There are restaurants you go to when you want to have a nice meal.

It is very rare that you can find a venue that provides all three aspects – ambience, amazing cocktails and mouth-watering food. Well, there is this place called Neighbourhood in Spinningfields. On the weekends endless party people make their way to Neighbourhood to indulge in cocktails and to have a dance but what most people don’t know, they also have a marvellous brunch, lunch and dinner menu and the food is absolutely mind-blowing.

Now, everyone loves a good martini and since I dislike olives, I opted for the Martini with a twist – ehm, hello, not only did I feel slightly tipsy after my first sip but the lemony aroma lingered in the air and made this particular Martini my all-time favourite.




Chicken Lollipops

Deep fried chicken pieces in a buttermilk marinade – one word – #foodgasm !

I still wonder how they manage to keep the chicken so juicy and the coating so bloody crispy and on top of it, the spices were amaaaazing.

Mozzarella (feta) and Tomato Pizzetta

Sun-dried tomatoes with crumbled feta (they must’ve run out of mozzarella) and fresh basil on top of a mini pizza. Blimey, I’m usually not a big fan of sun-dried tomatoes but the sweet taste combined with the slightly salty feta was absolutely incredible.


12oz Flat Iron Steak (times two)

We both opted for the steak with peppercorn sauce and skinny fries. At this point, I need to mention that I rarely order steaks in restaurant since I like mine very well done, the sight of even a hint of pink makes me not want to eat a steak. Most of the time, when ordering a steak well-done, I get a lot of grief from the staff ‘Oh no, we can’t cook it well-done’ or ‘It won’t taste good’. Ha, well, it just goes to show, dining in a restaurant that has properly trained staff, anything is possible. Jade, our lovely waitress, recommended to go with the flat iron steak when preferring it cooked well-done, since it’ll still retain its juicyiness. The meat was cooked to its perfection and pre-cut. The peppercorn sauce on the side gave it a nice twist and the skinny fries were perfectly seasoned.





Jade, our waitress, recommended to go with the Malbec, a very dry red wine which is only being served in a bottle. The spices accompany the meat flavours and oh boy, was Jade right. Most of the time we go for a nice bottle of Rioja but I’m glad we took Jade up on her advice and opted for the Malbec.

Jade, our lovely waitress


By the time we finished our steaks, there wasn’t any room for dessert but we’ll most definitely try their dessert menu in the near future.

Overall, we had a great night at Neighbourhood, the staff was so attentive, the ambience makes you feel like you’re in Chelsea/London and the food was superb, simply superb -#foodporn

That’s it for today,

much love,

Nina xxx

Love, Nina x

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