Best Scented Candles This AW

Summer is officially over. Sorry to be a “debbie- downer”but temperatures have been dropping and we rarely get any sunshine anymore. I’ve recently moved house and after 3 1/2 years, I finally have central heating again. Needless to say that I won’t be freezing in winter anymore. As a little treat and for having spent the past three winters in the cold, I’ve had the heating on and dear god, what a game changer.

I have a slight obsession for scented candles.

 I have an obsession for candles.

An obsession for buying candles and waiting for the perfect moment to light them which results in the majority of my candles never being lit.

Well, that was me years ago. Nowadays, I actually light them and buy new ones when I run out.

Best Scented Candles


Did you know that Aldi currently has these amazing Jo Malone knock off candles? Yes, for a fair price of £3.29, you can get your hands on various scents such as Basil & Lime and Blackcurrant Bay.

jo malone dupe candles

My friends know me well

 For our housewarming party, we received plenty of scented candles.

asda george candles

Candles from George ASDA are not only a bargain but also keep up with the scent once lit. I’m sure you’ve come across candles before that smell luuuurvely until you light them and the scent is pruuuudy much gone. Not these bad boys, my favourite, the coconut one.

Purity Lab

Purity Lab candles

purity lab candles

Never heard of the brand before and these candles come in cute crafty pots. Twice the fun with these candles as you can get creative and colour them afterwards, nice little bonus. Since I’m going for a white theme in my house, I’ll probably leave them as they are and use them as vases. I’ve googled the brand but couldn’t really find anything, which is strange since I do SEO marketing and usually find EVERYTHING.

Katie Loxton

Katie who? Yep, think Molton Brown style candles with a more feminine touch. ‘Home Sweet Home’ is available for £23.50 at John Lewis. Definitely more high-end and probably not what I would spend on a candle. We’ve had it on for a few hours and the verdict is – the candle barely has a scent when lit. Such a pity.

Love, Nina x

3 Responses to Best Scented Candles This AW

  1. Good candles are big win win!! They can make room so cosy! Thanks for sharing this post! xx

  2. Francesca says:

    Those Purity Lab candles are to die for!

  3. Lacey says:

    I’m such a candle obsessive! They all just end up in the bathroom cupboard because there’s no room for them, but I just can’t help myself!

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