Bakerie – A Different Kind Of Jukebox

‘I love Rock n Roll, so put another dime in the jukebox baby‘ – I love wine, so top up my card and stick it in the jukebox baby.

Jukeboxing is en vogue now. Rather than picking a song, you get to sample different kinds of white or red wines. What a genius idea. All you have to do is pick up a card at the bar, put money on it and off you go.

The other day we got to try this concept at Bakerie, a wine bar located in the Northern Quarter.


Greeted with a glass of fizz upon arrival, the evening was off to a good start. Before we moved on to the jukebox, we got to try a glass of their latest white wine addition. Eric, the manager, told us about the different kind of wines, the ageing process and how to properly swirl the glass. As a wine lover, I thoroughly enjoyed the professional elaboration.


From Vegan wine, to Asparagus, the jukebox holds something for everyone’s liking. Different sample sizes, different prices.


My favourite was the Malbec. This red is like velvet in your mouth. So if you don’t like dry wines, I definitely wouldn’t recommend it.

When having wine, one must have cheese as well. Bakerie offers amazing cheese, fish and cold meat boards. And oh my, their sourdough bread. As a German, I just can’t cope with the lack of REAL bread in the UK, so I was in for a treat.





Conclusion: Bakerie is a nice alternative for a night out, if you want to get together with your friends for a catch up, enjoy marvellous wine and delicious cheese/meat/fish boards. Bakerie is also ideal for work socials. Last Thursday I introduced my colleagues to the wine jukebox and it was a big hit.

*All drinks and food were complimentary*


Love, Nina x

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  1. Elsa Lee says:

    It was a very good evening, and you managed to get photos of the boards! I totally missed it before everyone has dived in!

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