Meeting The Boyfriend’s Parents

Meeting the boyfriend's parents


Meeting your boyfriend’s parents is a significant moment. Congratulations, you are no longer casually dating, your beau is taking your relationship to another level. It seems like a common topic many have written about and many have asked about.Today I have decided to revise a former post I did a while back.

Here are some pointers you should keep in mind:

  1. Impress them without being overdressed.
  2. Get to know his parents in advance by asking your boyfriend about their interests. That way you’ll find a platform to communicate on.
  3. If you’re invited to their house, bring a bottle of red. That will indicate that you’re a grown up. And let’s be honest – red drinkers are sophisticated!




A nice brunch early in the day doesn’t require you to properly dress up. After all, it is still early and you don’t want to look as if you’ve spent two hours in front of your mirror getting ready. That is a tad too much.

  • Make sure you don’t have a late night, get enough sleep to look fresh the next morning
  • Do not put on too much make-up, be a natural beauty – you want to look like yourself and be comfortable
  • Given the time of year I would suggest pastel colours┬ábut that is entirely up to you

Afternoon tea

afternoon tea


Afternoon tea in England is just as important as dinner. If you’re invited for tea at his parents house, bring scones, that’s always a plus.

  • Be on time! Not only will your first encounter be strained by the lack of time understanding but having to wait for tea is like waiting for a Martini after a long day at work



Picking the perfect dinner outfit can be a tricky one.

Several factors you need to consider:

  • Are you having dinner at your flat? Wear something comfortable because you will be in the kitchen preparing food and want to be able to move around
  • If you are dining out: Is it a fancy restaurant? Certain dress code?

All outfits and tips are just an idea. Just a little starter for you lot to get creative. I personally would choose a cocktail dress for dinner in combination with a simple blazer. You can wear the blazer for dinner and remove it for drinks later on.

Lots of love,
Nina xxx

2 Responses to Meeting The Boyfriend’s Parents

  1. misspond says:

    Your comment box is really hard to find!! Hahaha.
    Great tips for anyone meeting the family. I’d definitely add in talking to your OH about his parents before you meet them, get an idea what they’re like makes it much easier for when you do meet them :)
    MissPond | UK Lifestyle Blog

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