How To Shop Smart This Black Friday

Black Friday 2016

‘Start your Black Friday shopping early with the following discount code’

For the past couple of days I’ve been receiving similar emails from various retailers around the globe. You too? Well of course, Black Friday week has officially begun. Working for a leading eCommerce business, we have been preparing for weeks. It’s very easy getting drawn in by the dark side with massive discounts popping up left and right.

Don’t get me wrong, I love online shopping. Any kind of shopping to be precise. Someone say discount? 50% off? Oh hell yes.

Ladies, fellow shopaholics and victims of discount codes, try to get the most out of your Black Friday shopping experience. Be smart about it. Shop smart. Most of all, be prepared.

Black Friday



How To Shop Smart This Black Friday

✓ Write a list with presents/things you want to purchase

Only because something is half price, doesn’t mean you need to be buying another pair of black patent loafers. Be smart about it. What are you planning on giving to your family and friends for Christmas? Have you had your eye on a particular handbag?

✓ Do a thorough research

Now that you have your list, you can start making your research. Browse the internet, have a look at your favourite stores and see who offers what.

Stylist neatly listed the best Black Friday offers

✓ Snag extra discounts

A lot of retailers offer additional discounts. It’s always worth checking their newsletters or apps. Don’t bin your receipts – that’s if you’re brave enough to actually make it into a store. A lot of brands offer additional discounts or cash back.

✓ Avoid impulse purchases

As previously stated, be smart about your shopping. Try to resist any impulse purchases. I know it can be tempting, especially when a pair of shoes is offered at £10. The question you should ask is ‘Do I really need this? Or am I simply attracted to the £10 on the label?’

✓ Aaaand breaaaaathe

If you’ve actually made it into a shopping centre, congratulations, you must be a lot more patient than me. The importance of keeping calm and cool is mandatory for Black Friday shopping. Your favourite item might be sold out. Your size  might be sold out. The promised 50% off discount code doesn’t work. Stay calm, have a coffee and take a deep breath.

Black Friday

Remember to have fun whilst spending your hard earned money. And when it’s all over, have a glass of bubbly, relax and take your new pair of shoes out for a boogie.

Happy shopping xx

Love, Nina x

5 Responses to How To Shop Smart This Black Friday

  1. I like te last one, I can repeat this one over and over- until I get drunk enough to not be able to spend any money! That’s a smart shopping tips too isn’t? you forgot to include that haha

  2. MissPond says:

    So annoyed it falls before pay day! I’m super skint :( hoping there may still be a few bargains to be had next weekend!

  3. Chyaz says:

    Excellent tips! I also always check Twitter for additional discount codes, as there are sometimes better ones there than advertised on the site :) x

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