Get Festive With Joanie Clothing | Xmas Party At Sugar Junction

Joanie clothing

Yesterday I have attended the first Christmas party of the year.

The event was hosted by Joanie Clothing and celebrated their AW16 collection and first VIP event. Joanie is a vintage-inspired clothing brand based in Manchester. Their style is flirtatious, feminine and very 50s. Think petticoats and polka dots.




The Joanie crew couldn’t have picked a better venue for their Christmas blogger party.

Right in the heart of the Northern Quarter is a vintage cafe called Sugar Junction. Famous for their quirky decorations and vintage cocktails, the venue provided the perfect atmosphere. The staff spoilt us with Christmas afternoon tea and mulled wine, accompanied by Christmas songs.

Joanie clothing


In addition, we were able to participate in a calligraphy class hosted by Joyce from Artsynibs. I must say that Joyce was an absolute darling and super patient with us, explaining the ins and outs and how to properly hold the brush.

Joanie clothing

Joanie clothing

Joanie clothing

Joanie clothing

Okay, let’s talk food and drinks.

Someone say high tea? Yes! From scones with clotted butter and jam to goat’s cheese and chutney sandwiches, the girls simply thought of everything and offered a variety of Christmas inspired treats such as mince pies and black forest cupcakes.

And the mulled wine. Not too sweet, not too hot, simply cooked to perfection.

I’ve been to a fair amount of blogger events in the past three years and must admit that this particular one had a very different vibe to it. And I mean this in a very positive way.

It might’ve been the Christmas spirit, the fairy lights, the smell of various Christmas spices  lingering in the air but whilst everyone around the table meditatively swinging their calligraphy brushes to Frank Sinatra singing in the background, it was simply magical and tied in perfectly with the whole concept behind the Joanie brand.

The well-thought of marketing concept (well done Katie x) and vintage designs caught my eye in the first place. The event however, conveyed that Joanie lifestyle feeling and left me feeling fuzzy on that cold Monday night.

Love, Nina x

3 Responses to Get Festive With Joanie Clothing | Xmas Party At Sugar Junction

  1. MissPond says:

    I LOVE Sugar Junction, I’m very jealous! I had a look at the Joanie website and they have some amazing dresses, I might have to make a sneaky purchase…

  2. Camille says:

    Love it!! Especially the pictures 😉 ahahahhaha! What a photographer!! ❤️

  3. What a fun packed event! Fashion, calligraphy (I’ve always wanted to attend one of Joyce’s classes), food and drink all in such a cool venue! You lucky thing getting to attend.

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