DIY | How To Personalise Your Military Coat On A Budget

Military coat



If you’re a fashionista, I’m sure you’ve come across  maxi military coats. Showcased at the London fashion show, they seem to be making a comeback.  High-end and high-street brands can be a bit pricey and if you’re on a tight budget like me (I blame all the Christmas shopping), you might not want to spend £150-200 for a coat right now.



military coat with patches



No need to fret girls, I have got you covered and came up with the idea to simply make my own.


How To Personalise Your Military Coat

Here is what you need:

✓ Military coat – I got mine from Primark for £30

✓ Iron-on patches – I got mine from H&M for £6

✓ Iron

Military coat 1 Military patches 2

Before you start ironing the patches on, lay them out on your coat to see where you would like them. I can recommend putting the coat on because it’ll make it easier for you to see where to place them.


Military coat

Military coat

Plug in your iron and get a clean dish towel to prevent the patches sticking to your iron.

Press down the iron for approximately 30 seconds. It’s best to read the instructions that come with the patches.

Repeat the process until you’ve ironed-on every single patch and let your coat cool down.  That’s it pretty much. Easy peasy right?


Military coat

Military coat

Share your DIY coats with me on instagram @what_nina_spotted or leave your links in the comments.

Love, Nina x

3 Responses to DIY | How To Personalise Your Military Coat On A Budget

  1. Latoya says:

    I’m absolutely in love with this, the coat looks great and you would never think that it’s under £40! Good job .

  2. Ah what a great idea! You’ve made me feel like I need a personalised military coat in my life now…. 😀

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