AW 16 Style | Metallic and Lace Outfit Inspiration

Metallics and Lace



¬†With the Manchester Fashion Show taking place next Sunday, I’m running a bit behind on the outfit planning.

The theme for this year is METALLICA. Anything metallic will do.

Metallics have been around for quite some time now. This year however, the colour gods added rustic rose golds to the metallic palette. Well, obviously the colour shade has been around for a while, especially after Apple had launched the rose gold iPhone version.

There really aren’t any Dos or Don’ts.

The AW 16 Style is so versatile.

You should have a play with it, see what other items you’ve got that could go with a metallic item.

I love combining metallics with lace. I call it Modern Romance. A lace bra underneath a metallic blouse is super cute and chic at the same time. Style with a knitted cardigan, this combination is also wearable in the office.

What will you be wearing for the MCR Fashion Show? xx

Love, Nina x

4 Responses to AW 16 Style | Metallic and Lace Outfit Inspiration

  1. MissPond says:

    I wish I was going to the show! I have a thing for metallic shoes at the moment so my outfit would have to include my silver shoes :)

  2. Debbie says:

    I wish I was going too!! But the lace and metallic rose idea sounds amazing!! ……definitely could my plan Christmas outfits around that I think

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