SS17 Trend: Ruffles, Leather And Fringes


It was a beautiful sunny day in Manchester. If you’re a Mancunian, you know that you have to make the most out of this weather, seize the day and get out of the house. If you’re a blogger, you reaaaaaaally need to make use of the weather and take photos.

I picked this shirt up from Zara a while ago. It’s cute and versatile. It gives you a romantic look when  wearing on its own with a skirt or some nice slags. However, if you know me, I like giving my items a bit of a twist. The combination of romantic/rock-chic looks has been of my faves for many years now.

ruffles shirtTo achieve this look, all you really need is a ruffled/frilled shirt and combine it with a leather item. Whether you’ll opt for a leather jacket or leather skirt is entirely up to you. However, you should feel comfortable in whatever you choose. I don’t know about you guys but when wearing the ‘wrong’ outfit, I don’t feel confident and get a bit funny.

We went to London for my birthday last year which was when I picked up this lovely blue shirt with ruffles and frills from Zara.

leather jacket manchester

“Oh perfect leather jacket, where art thou?”

For years I’ve been looking for the perfect leather jacket. Endless browsing and scrolling on the internet, popping into endless shops on the high street, nada, absolutely nada. “It just has to feel right” is what I kept telling myself. I’m very picky when it comes to my fashion (and men ;))… and then one day whilst having had a look around H&M, I spotted the perfect leather jacket. Perfect fit, perfect size, perfect length. YASSS, only took me a few years!

skinny jeans

I am so in love with these skinny jeans, especially with the distressed details. They’re perfect for summer and when combining with quirky socks.

High-waist skinny jeans from New Look


And don’t forget to smile. Life is all about the happy moments <3




Love, Nina x

2 Responses to SS17 Trend: Ruffles, Leather And Fringes

  1. Amy says:

    It is soooo hard to find the right leather jacket you’re so right! Also i love that last photo of you! 😀 x

  2. Pablo Heras says:

    You look gorgeous!!

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