They’re Called ‘Glass Caves’, Haven’t You Heard!? – Gig Review and Interview


Interview with Glass Caves

Glass Caves


‘ (…) Music is amazing in the way it can get to people when sometimes nothing else will.’ (Matt, Glass Caves)

Last Saturday the Glass Caves played a gig at the Academy 3 in Manchester.


The Glass Caves are pretty much four good looking lads you’ll find busking in cities such as Manchester, Liverpool or York when they’re not busy writing mint tunes or gigging around the North of England. Busking? Yep, you heard right. These boys love to busk and that’s one of the few things that sets them apart from any of the other bands who are trying to establish themselves on the musical horizon at the moment.

The first time I listened to them must have been a year ago. So when I was strolling down market street one Saturday morning about two months ago and heard one of their songs I was thinking to myself ‘That’s a really good cover’ only to find out seconds later that they were the real deal and not another adolescent Mancunian trying to sing along to a boom box.

The supporting acts were surprisingly good as well, especially The Mantells ( I will most likely dedicate another blog post to them) – they reminded me of the Arctic Monkeys in their early stages.

Phil Collins’ ‘In the Air’ blasted through the venue whilst the boys made their way onto the stage and there certainly was something in the air that night. I have been to zillions of gigs, chilled and interviewed bands such as The 1975, Swim Deep, Spector, Miles Kane, The Striving Vines, The Bishops, Carl Barat etc. but that night was magical.

Glass CavesThey started their 50 minutes set with GO – the first song on their debut album ALIVE. The whole crowd transformed the minute they started to perform. The raw sound of the instruments and Matt’s husky voice at times captivated the audience. As I looked around, I saw people dancing to the guitar and drum sounds, others singing along and a few just hypnotised by the magic that  happened on stage.

Glass Caves

Glass Caves

Their intense stage presence and interaction with the audience is something very rare, some might even say a big advantage because these details will have the effect that people keep coming back to their gigs.

By the time they played Breaking Out the crowd went mad – and how could they not. Let Go and Match particularly showed off Matt’s vocal skills and had similarities to Kasabian’s lead singer Tom.

I could go on and on about how great it is to see them live – but

  1. You have to experience it yourself
  2. I don’t want to spoil anyone’s future live experience

Unfortunately the gig ended after 45-50 minutes and so did the magical atmosphere in the room – the lights went on and the bouncers started pushing everyone out. I had a quick chat with Matt and Elliot and took a couple of selfies as you can see.

Glass Caves

Glass Caves

We were supposed to do an interview after the gig but it seemed like every Tom, Dick and Harry wanted a quick chat and photos with the lads, so I let them be and we arranged an interview via email (which you will find at the end of the post).

Here are a few more shots from the gig:

Glass Caves

Glass Caves

Glass Caves

Glass Caves

Glass Caves

Interview with the Glass Caves

What Nina Spotted: What are your names?

Glass Caves: Matt – Lead Singer, Will – Bassist, Connor- Lead Guitar, Elliot- Drummer

WNP: How do you know each other?

Glass Caves: We know each other mostly through music. It just drew us all together.

WNP: How long have you been playing together?

Glass Caves: We’ve been together just over two years now, so we know each other’s playing inside out. It’s mint.

WNP: You frequently busk – is that something you want to keep doing?

Glass Caves: We’d love to keep busking, it’s just a totally different experience to being on a stage and we do love it. You get to meet loads of people along with it too.

WNS: Would you say it is easier being a musician nowadays with all kinds of Social media or harder?

Glass Caves: Being a musician is always hard because you’re an artist and all artists have to struggle at the start. Plus I think the industry has less money in it due to illegal downloads etc. which means artists have fewer opportunities to get major backing. But if you’re hard working, what’s in your way???

WNS: If you could collaborate with 3 singers/bands – who would they be?

Glass Caves: Freddie Mercury then Jimi Hendrix then Papa Roach

WNS: Do you vintage shop?

Glass Caves: We do like to pop into vintage shops every now and then. You always find a gem hidden somewhere.

WNS: Vinyl or spotify?

Glass Caves: Vinyl with a hint of spotify.

WNS: What are your plans for the future?

Glass Caves: Keep playing getting bigger and better. Crack America then go back to busking.

WNS:Why can one specific tune instantly change your mood?

Glass Caves:Good question, though I think it’s subjective, I think music is just engraved in mankind and it appeals to us all on biological and spiritual levels. Maybe it just sounds good? I’ll look into that for you.

WNS: How did your last gig at the Academy differ from any other gigs before? What kind of vibe did you get?

Glass Caves: The academy gig was mint. It was different simply because there was a fresh room of new souls who were interacting with us and our tunes. It just feels like things are getting better every gig so it’s hard to compare. Really loved it.

WNS: Manchester is the birthplace of some of the greatest bands – name one!

Glass Caves: Mint Royale.

As you can see, the boys are not only talented and lovely on stage but also off stage. They are humble and even their answers are lyrical. I am sure this is only the beginning for them and I truly hope they will keep their spark even when they’ll be performing in front of thousands of people.

You can buy their debut album at:  / twitter:glasscaves / fb:glasscavesmusic

IMG_8925Lots of love and a big fat thank you to Matt, Connor, Elliot and Will,

Nina x

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  1. misspond says:

    I’ve not been to a gig in ages! Glass Caves sound like just the kind of band I’m in too, I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for their future gigs :)

  2. Great post – your photos are really good!! I’m definitely going to check these guys out. I love a good music blog post. Cool that you got to interview them too! xx

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