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Yes, as the title already states – I met the self-titled-lord that is Scott Disick last Monday. LedigoPR hosted a meet and greet at the Lowry hotel in Manchester. As always, Stephanie and her team did an amazing job decorating the venue …



I got there a bit early, enjoyed a nice glass of red (9.75£ – Blimeyyyy!) and chatted to a few of the people who were waiting to meet reality tv star Scott Disick.


The four thirteen year old girls from Manchester arrived quite early and brought a self made collage – aren’t they the cutest?!?

Amongst the audience I also spotted Vince Brooks and Ellie Leach from Coronation street …


and Cheshire’s real housewife Magali Gorre….



The nice thing about events hosted by LedigoPR is meeting the same bloggers over and over again. It feels like a little blogger family and Stephanie and her staff sure know how to make us feel welcome and treat us just like any other celebrity – we always get the special treatment.




Since Scott Disick was about an hour and a half late, we had plenty of time to catch up, take photos and enjoyed the band.


Chelsea Norris from Key 103 radio did a little Q&A with Magali and everyone in the audience loved Magali – now I have to admit that I’ve not seen any of the real housewives episodes but after having met Magali I am intrigued to catch up on the housewives.


And then he finally showed up – confused, not shaved, not looking dapper at all!

IMG_8681As he took a seat and Chelsea started asking away, he mumbled into the microphone “I have been asleep the past 15 hours…” “The UK is so big, we have been driving for 15 hours and we were still in the same country…. in the US you’ll drive for 15 minutes and you’re in a different state…” Ehmmm, excuse me your majesty but have you been sipping too much booze, popped too many pills or sniffed too much snow? I think you must be mistaken because if I recall – and I used to live in America – it is the other way around.


After a few anecdotes about his journey, VIP ticket holders queued up to meet the lord and to get their pictures taken… and so did I…


“Well hello there!” were the only words that left his lips whilst I had my picture taken with him … not very talkative, that much I can tell you.

Despite Scott Disick being a big disappointment, I still had a great night and that’s thanks to LedigoPR. These girls know how to throw a damn party – whether it is a meet and greet, an anniversary party or a launch. From welcoming their guests, to pampering them, decoration and topping up glasses with bubbly – they are spot on and that’s why their PR firm is constantly growing. Companies want to be presented by them and bloggers want to be on their guest list.

All the best,

Nina xxx

On January 11th 2015 we shall be entertained by the four lovely girlies starring in HBO’s most popular award-winning comedy ‘GIRLS’. I am looking forward to their shameless behaviour, romantic faux-pas and ruthless sex scenes on national telly.

Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) has got to be my all time favourite on the show – having just graduated from University, she will be experiencing the ‘real life’ and I cannot wait for that. The combination of her monotone voice, naive comments and her rather quirky taste in hair styles and sophisticated fashion sense make her an all time favourite amongst the GIRLS fans.


The other day I was browsing the web and came across Zosia’s new hair do – a blunt chin-length bob – which brings back nostalgic feelings since it reminds me of Rachel Leigh Cook’s bob in the 90’s.

It beautifully frames her face and I cannot wait to see how she will be styling her hair in season 4.

Get an appointment scheduled in with your hairstylist because Zosia will be one of many to rock this trendy bob this season!