The Night I Fell In Love With NARS


The other day my new blogger friend Beky and I headed to the make up masterclass hosted by NARS in Selfridges. As always, it is always nice catching up with fellow bloggers, seeing familiar faces and meeting new faces. 

Paige and Stephanie are the lovely ladies names who hosted us and showed us how to accomplish a rather extraordinary autumn look, using only earthy colours.

At this point, I should probably mention, that I am a M.A.C. girl, all the way and have never bought any NARS products before… up until that night!

Not only was I absolutely in love with Stephanie’s make up, which was slightly 90s inspired but the texture of the products have won me over. Now I’m not saying I won’t ever buy another M.A.C. product again but I have grown really fond of NARS.

Stephanie offered to show me how to create the look she was wearing ….


..but first she removed my make up

She taught me how to hold the brush, which angle to use and once she was done with my right eye, she handed over her brushes and made me try it on my left eye …


Teach and be taught


I’d say I did pretty well given it was my first attempt

After the event we were able to peruse their complete make up collection and of course spend a lot of money.


Beky Lou

Our complimentary goodie bag had the infamous Priscilla Lipgloss and the Orgasm Blush inside <3 Too die for.




And since I have utterly fallen in love with the look Stephanie created…. how could I not…


Photo credits: Beky Lou


Photo credits: Beky Lou

… I have also purchased the following:


Eyeshadow: New York


Lipstick: Deborah


I can’t say whether it was the lovely atmosphere, the bubbly, the lovely colours, the artistic skills of Stephanie or maybe even a combination of all of the above but I have so utterly fallen in love with NARS and have even recreated the look several times since then.

That’s it for today, until next time you lovely lot,

Nins x


5 Responses to The Night I Fell In Love With NARS

  1. love this run down of the event. it was such a great night!

  2. The event looked like so much fun! Anywhere to get new makeup products is exciting :-) Those colours look so great on you! And your photos are lovely thanks for sharing this . Xx

  3. misspond says:

    I love the look she created on you! That lipstick is lovely and perfectly autumnal :) I am a HUGE NARS fan, I love their primers, blushes and foundations! Although I do tend to stick to MAC for eyeshadow palettes. I think now I’ll give their eyeshadows a go though :)

  4. So nineties!!! Looks great on you : ) x

    Chelsea |

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