Skincare Favourites: Butter me up!



Butter me up

Yes, us girls love skincare products, particularly when they smell nice as well.


I’ve never been good at delayed gratification, therefore welcomed by our economy, hated by my bank account.

This winter I’ve heavily invested in body butters! I have tried various brands, high-street, high-end and have now narrowed down my Top 3.


Butter me up!


Nr 3: Japanese Cherry Blossom | The Body Shop

Butter me up


200ml of silky delight in a tub. The Japanese Cherry Blossom body cream from The Body Shop is available for £14.95 and worth every penny. If you’re into that sweet floral smell, you will most certainly not regret your purchase.

Ideal to use if you shower in the morning since the skin absorbs the body butter pretty quickly and we all know, we can’t afford to faff about in the morning :)


Nr 2: Future Proof – firming active body butter | Mio Skincare

Butter me up


Butter me up with the Future Proof body butter from Mio. If you suffer from dry skin, this product is a no brainer. With mainly organic ingredients such as Sweet Almond Oil, Blueberry Seed Oil and Coconut Oil, the body butter comes in at £35 for 240ml. I should mention that you only need a teeny tiny amount due to its richness. A special weekend treat for me.


Nr 1: The Righteous Butter | Soap & Glory

Butter me up

Butter me up


Butter me up


… and the winner is: Soap & Glory’s THE RIGHTEOUS BUTTER.

I remember the moment I first opened the lid and smelled this winner – it’s one of those smells you won’t ever forget. You know what I’m talking about, right?


Let me tell you why I’ve declared the Righteous Butter my number 1.

  • 300 ml for ……£10 – I know right? Bargain!
  • The smell, oh the smell, have I mentioned that before??
  • Perfect to use in the morning or at night – quickly absorbed by your skin and leaving it moisturised for hours
  • Waking up in the morning and still smelling like Righteous Butter….


What are your body butter favourites?

Nina xx

Love, Nina x

4 Responses to Skincare Favourites: Butter me up!

  1. Elsa Eats says:

    I’ve been rather lazy about body butters, but maybe what I need is the right smelling one to join my bathroom. Will considering buying the Righteous Butter the next time I’m in town!

  2. MissPond says:

    I have never used soap and glory products before! I’ve always been a fan of Body Shop body butter, maybe I’ll have to branch out…

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