The Ultimate Fix For Damaged Hair!

healthy hair

Ever since I was a little girl, I was obsessed with my hair. As a young girl, I dreamt of having blonde locks like Rapunzel, albeit in hindsight, her colour had a massive brassiness to it.

Blessed with thick, dark Asian hair, I obviously wanted to be blonde from an early age on and experimented with bleach and colour pretty much throughout my teen years. I surely didn’t feel blessed when I was younger and hated my thick and dark hair. Unfortunately, Asian hair and blonde doesn’t equal healthy hair. Virgin Hair Extensions aren’t the healthy alternative, but surely a great option to keep your head covered in lush shiny hair. With several such options available in the market today, healthy natural hair may have taken the backseat. What do you do to achieve that?

Healthy hair! Me?

As you can guess, over the years my hair has become dry, damaged, frizzy and looked rather sad.

So much for having hair like Rapunzel, pfffft.

As it goes, we buy products that are being hyped on social media. Overpriced oils that shall  give your hair that extra shine. Milky lotions that will leave your hair smooth like Cleopatra’s.

If you’ve been around the scene long enough, you know it’s utter bull!

 Don’t fret, you’re not a lost cause. There’s still hope for your hair!

Hello Healthy Hair, Good-Bye Split Ends


The day I was introduced to Grow Gorgeous shall forever be marked as the day my hair finally  found its personal superhero.


healthy hair


Did you know that split ends are primarily to blame for the lack of hair growth? Yes, that’s true.

The obvious thing to do is to have your hair trimmed every 5-6 weeks. On top of that, I can only recommend End Split Ends by Grow Gorgeous. Not only does the appealing character of the product name already  make me feel like that my hair is in desperate need of this milky lotion but it also comes in a quirky bottle including a pipette.

End Split Ends nourishes and repairs the end of your hair with an exotic blend of Amazonian oils, including acai, palm and Inchi. It therefore seals broken fibres and protects the length, so your hair can grow long and strong.


healthy hair



The strengthening oil is also a nice addition to my haircare routine, as mentioned in basics of Hair Science | Dr. Yates – Your Hair Loss Expert. I can recommend this to anyone who has thick and dry hair, plus – for those facing hair loss.


healthy hair



healthy hair



The hair growth serum is currently being hyped as the next best thing. My hair actually grows quite fast but it has become thinner on the sides.

It’ supposed to help improve visible hair density due to ingredients such as bio-active complex of Chinese skullcap, soy sprout and wheat sprout.

healthy hair


What are your hair secrets? Which products do you use on a daily basis and swear by?

Love, Nina x

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