Ed’s Hair And Beauty 4th Anniversary

Thursday nights are the new Friday nights – haven’t you heard? So when I received an invitation to this uber trendy event, I knew there would be no way I would miss out on this one. The event was hosted by LedigoPR. Now if you’re a blogger in the Greater Manchester area, you are familiar with them. Stephanie is the managing director and let me tell you, she is a sweetheart. I have never been to another event more organised or staff being more attentive.

Ed’s Hair & Beauty is located in Salford – just 5 minutes outside of the city centre and approximately a 6£ Uber ride from House of Fraser. To celebrate their 4 year anniversary, they’ve invited Bloggers, family, customers and many, many more.

I’ve brought my friend and fellow Blogger Jess along. We arrived a bit early but nonetheless Ed’s team welcomed us with open arms.

photo 3 copy 2photo 2 copy 2photo 1 copy 3

After we have been given our first glass of bubbly, the staff took our coats and the pampering began – to be honest, I personally feel like the pampering began the moment we arrived. Jess and I were in for a treat and so was everyone else – we all received individual treatments. My stylist Charlotte gave me a moisture treatment and did an amazing job blow drying my hair.

photo 2photo 1 copy 2photo 3 copy 3

My hair was so shiny and full of body, I couldn’t stop looking at myself in the mirror – I was so amazed and felt very glamorous.

photo 4 copy photo 4 copy 2

We were musically entertained by a former X-Factor and boyband star

photo 2 copy

and every Sushi lover must’ve thought they died and went straight to Sushi heaven …

photo 5 copy

… unfortunately I am not one of them, so I just kept on sipping my bubbly.

photo 2 copy 4

Blogger events are always so much fun because you get to meet fellow Bloggers and make new friends but this one in particular made it to my top 3. The people were lovely, Ed’s team felt like a big family, a very competent family I might add and LedigoPR really know how to throw a party.

photo 1photo 1 copyphoto 5 copy 2

So glad to have finally met Steph in person that we obviously had to take a selfie …

photo 4 copy 3 and later on when I checked my Twitter I found this …..

photo 4

As mentioned in the beginning of the post, I have met a few new Bloggers such as Anna, Sabina and Sarah and am already looking forward to seeing them at future events.


10 Responses to Ed’s Hair And Beauty 4th Anniversary

  1. whatsasssays says:

    Love it!! Thanks for the mention 😀

    Hopefuly see you soon :)


    Sarah xxx

  2. Lovely post, I love OSIS products.


  3. I need to invest into new camera and start taking selfies 😉 Lovely post!Thank you for mention :))

  4. oh forgot to mention, I loved your and Jess hair!!

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  6. Haha! Fab post! (I’m not a fan of Sushi either….) but the rest of the event was awesome! I’ll definitely be going back for another blow dry! xx

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