Black Magic Tan: UK Launch At Australasia



The weather in Manchester has been horrible for the past couple of days. Temperatures are constantly dropping and the rain just won’t stop. No sun in sight. No sun means very pale skin. Don’t you just hate that about the winter? Since I’ve never really gotten into self tans, nor spray tans, my complexion during autumn/winter is rather fair… or at least it was until last Thursday.

Black Magic Tan is a client of Ledigo PR and launched their brand in the UK. The launch took place at Australasia in Manchester. They couldn’t have picked a better venue given the fact that Black Magic was originated in Australia. ” We’ve started out with spray tans and I’ve taught how to properly apply spray tans all over the world.” says Sarah, owner of Black Magic Tan in Warrington.

The reason why I’ve never really gotten into spray tans/self tans is that I have seen way too many girls with orange skin, streaks or spots but especially the orange skin put me off.


Black Magic Tan Mousse is a green based, free of Infused with Witch Hazel, Anti-Aging Green Tea Extract and therefore will not leave your skin orange. Now believe me when I say this: I’ve tried it before the winter ball and it looks amazing! My skin is bronzed and looks sun kissed. The application process is really simple and the Black Magic mitt makes it super easy to apply – even for a self tan rookie like me.


At the launch we had the chance to speak to the experts, got the inside scoop on how to properly tan and mingled with a few celebrities such as Tanya from the housewives of Cheshire, Josh from Love Island and a few others.


These events are always a great way to catch up with blogger friends or even new bloggers. On top of that Ledigo PR provided delicious cupcakes and champers but I don’t need to mention that because any PR event hosted by Steph Ledigo and her girls are always spot on.


Tanya from the housewives of Cheshire and myself


Anna from Don’t Cramp My Style and me – selfie time, as always :)

4 Responses to Black Magic Tan: UK Launch At Australasia

  1. I love Australiasia – they have the BEST food and cocktails.

  2. Aw that’s so cool you got to meet Tanya! Australasia is fab too!! xx

  3. Hannah says:

    This tan sounds amazing! I’m really fair too so I find most fake tans looks so unnatural on me….or they go green, ew! Where can I buy this from and how much haha?!

    Australasia looks amazing aswell such a cool event! Hannah Gets Hench

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