Us millenials love nothing more than keeping ourselves busy at all times.

We work longer hours than previous generations. We own several devices and therefore make ourselves constantly available. We try to keep fit and squeeze in several workouts in our already busy schedule. We try to maintain a healthy social life, catching up with friends and let’s not forget our hobbies. And when we actually get 20 minutes to ourselves, let’s say on our way to work, on the bus/tram/train, even in the bathroom (don’t pretend that you don’t), we feel the urge to check our mobiles and try to catch up with current affairs, the latest gossip or stalk former lovers on social media.

switch off


Why do we constantly feel the need to keep busy and why don’t we allow ourselves to rest, to unwind,


I really struggle to unwind and to switch off these days. I almost feel guilty for not doing anything and won’t allow my mind to wonder or to simply not think.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve developed, or shall I say incorporated a few rituals, that help me to switch off and who would’ve thought, they actually work.

So I thought, for today’s blog post, I’ll share a few simple tips and tricks with you.

#1 Make Time For Yourself

It’s really simple actually but book in time for yourself, block time in your diary, even if it’s only 30 minutes every day and use the time wisely. Hands off any devices, I mean it (scolding face :)).

#2  It’s OK To Cancel Plans

It’s okay wanting to stay in, getting comfy in your favourite PJs and having a chilled night. Therefore, it is okay to cancel plans. Don’t force yourself, if you’re not up for it. You have to look after yourself and if that means staying in, then it’s absolutely legitimate.

Switch off

#3 Book In For A Massage/Reiki

You’d be surprised but a good massage works wonders. My flatmate and I try booking in once a month, although lately it has been quite irregular. Becki, our masseuse, makes house calls and we usually book in for a 30 minutes massage and 30 minutes of Reiki.

It’s the best. Check out her Facebook page and book in, promise she won’t disappoint.

Switch off

#4 Meditation

You don’t have to sit crossed legged on the floor humming ‘Ohhhhm’ BUT find a position you can be comfortable in for at least 10 minutes (try aiming for 10 minutes, if you haven’t given meditation a try before) and try blocking out any irrelevant thoughts and noise.

Meditation needs practice, so don’t get disheartened, if you at first you don’t succeed. Try finding a playlist on Spotify to get you in the mood.

switch off

#5 Skincare Routine

Yep, you read right. Skincare routine. Who doesn’t love a good old skincare routine. I’ve recently stocked up on new products and have also received my first Birchbox. It’s a good way of trying new high-end products without having to spend a lot of money and therefore getting to try them for a few weeks before investing in full size products. One of my current favourite products is the Future Proof Active Body Butter from Mio. With the weather getting colder, this body butter is a definite moisture treat for your skin.


How do you unwind and switch off? Would love to hear any tips you have.


Nina xxx








I love peep toes. Point blank. So much, I am dedicating a whole post on one particular pair. You might be surprised but my mum used to rock open heel boots back in the late 70s, early 80s.


Looking through my wardrobe and shoe rack, I do feel guilty at times. Guilty – why? You might ask. As Carrie used to say: “I like my money right where I can see it – hanging in my closet” or sitting on a beautiful shoe rack. Unfortunately, that leads to neglecting certain pairs and pieces at times.

I don’t know about you guys but I tend to pick a favourite pair for a few months and wear them as much as possible until I get sick of them and they end up in the back of my wardrobe.


With autumn around the corner, I wanted to get a pair of boots – but plain boots are so boring and I like nothing less than dull shoes, so opted for these open heel peep toe boots from 4th&Reckless.






They’re made out of suede and are super cute and versatile. You can wear them with coloured socks or tights and therefor they’re also wearable once the temperatures are starting to drop.


How would you style your open heel boots?

Lots of love,

Nina xxx

There are places you go to for nice ambience. There are venues you go to for amazing and lush cocktails. There are restaurants you go to when you want to have a nice meal.

It is very rare that you can find a venue that provides all three aspects – ambience, amazing cocktails and mouth-watering food. Well, there is this place called Neighbourhood in Spinningfields. On the weekends endless party people make their way to Neighbourhood to indulge in cocktails and to have a dance but what most people don’t know, they also have a marvellous brunch, lunch and dinner menu and the food is absolutely mind-blowing.

Now, everyone loves a good martini and since I dislike olives, I opted for the Martini with a twist – ehm, hello, not only did I feel slightly tipsy after my first sip but the lemony aroma lingered in the air and made this particular Martini my all-time favourite.




Chicken Lollipops

Deep fried chicken pieces in a buttermilk marinade – one word – #foodgasm !

I still wonder how they manage to keep the chicken so juicy and the coating so bloody crispy and on top of it, the spices were amaaaazing.

Mozzarella (feta) and Tomato Pizzetta

Sun-dried tomatoes with crumbled feta (they must’ve run out of mozzarella) and fresh basil on top of a mini pizza. Blimey, I’m usually not a big fan of sun-dried tomatoes but the sweet taste combined with the slightly salty feta was absolutely incredible.


12oz Flat Iron Steak (times two)

We both opted for the steak with peppercorn sauce and skinny fries. At this point, I need to mention that I rarely order steaks in restaurant since I like mine very well done, the sight of even a hint of pink makes me not want to eat a steak. Most of the time, when ordering a steak well-done, I get a lot of grief from the staff ‘Oh no, we can’t cook it well-done’ or ‘It won’t taste good’. Ha, well, it just goes to show, dining in a restaurant that has properly trained staff, anything is possible. Jade, our lovely waitress, recommended to go with the flat iron steak when preferring it cooked well-done, since it’ll still retain its juicyiness. The meat was cooked to its perfection and pre-cut. The peppercorn sauce on the side gave it a nice twist and the skinny fries were perfectly seasoned.





Jade, our waitress, recommended to go with the Malbec, a very dry red wine which is only being served in a bottle. The spices accompany the meat flavours and oh boy, was Jade right. Most of the time we go for a nice bottle of Rioja but I’m glad we took Jade up on her advice and opted for the Malbec.

Jade, our lovely waitress


By the time we finished our steaks, there wasn’t any room for dessert but we’ll most definitely try their dessert menu in the near future.

Overall, we had a great night at Neighbourhood, the staff was so attentive, the ambience makes you feel like you’re in Chelsea/London and the food was superb, simply superb -#foodporn

That’s it for today,

much love,

Nina xxx




EKKAH‘s ‘Small Talk’ has been constantly playing in my head and house for the past couple of weeks.

The girl duo from Birmingham consists of Rebecca Wilson and Rebekah Pennington. Having formerly been part of The Arcadian Kicks, they’ve left the grunge scene behind and formed EKKAH in 2013.

Their sound blasts you back to the 80s/90s, a combination of funk, disco with retro hook lines and husky voices.

I saw the girls at Dot 2 Dot in Manchester a few weeks ago and bumped into them in the ladies and besides writing upbeat songs, they are both stunningly beautiful. Their charisma on and off stage is incredible.

Give it a listen and enjoy your Sunday.

Nina xxx

‘I love Rock n Roll, so put another dime in the jukebox baby‘ – I love wine, so top up my card and stick it in the jukebox baby.

Jukeboxing is en vogue now. Rather than picking a song, you get to sample different kinds of white or red wines. What a genius idea. All you have to do is pick up a card at the bar, put money on it and off you go.

The other day we got to try this concept at Bakerie, a wine bar located in the Northern Quarter.


Greeted with a glass of fizz upon arrival, the evening was off to a good start. Before we moved on to the jukebox, we got to try a glass of their latest white wine addition. Eric, the manager, told us about the different kind of wines, the ageing process and how to properly swirl the glass. As a wine lover, I thoroughly enjoyed the professional elaboration.


From Vegan wine, to Asparagus, the jukebox holds something for everyone’s liking. Different sample sizes, different prices.


My favourite was the Malbec. This red is like velvet in your mouth. So if you don’t like dry wines, I definitely wouldn’t recommend it.

When having wine, one must have cheese as well. Bakerie offers amazing cheese, fish and cold meat boards. And oh my, their sourdough bread. As a German, I just can’t cope with the lack of REAL bread in the UK, so I was in for a treat.





Conclusion: Bakerie is a nice alternative for a night out, if you want to get together with your friends for a catch up, enjoy marvellous wine and delicious cheese/meat/fish boards. Bakerie is also ideal for work socials. Last Thursday I introduced my colleagues to the wine jukebox and it was a big hit.

*All drinks and food were complimentary*


Mothxr3 Photo by Erich Bouccan

Photo credits: Eric Bouccan

A few weeks ago MOTHXR played a gig at The Ritz in Manchester.

Having launched their first record, they went on a European tour with Californian based band The Neighbourhood.

Who are MOTHXR you might ask? Front man Penn Badgley, you lot might know him as Dan Humphrey aka ‘Lonely Boy’ from Gossip Girl, Simon Oscroft (bass), Jimmy Giannopoulos (bass) and Darren Will (bass) have met in Brooklyn a couple of years ago and instantly hit it off. Their sound is very much indie experimental –  Hip Hop, Psychedelic, Electro and Funk influences, combined with gritty lyrics make their album ‘Centerfold’ a success.


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Once upon a time, we went to The Castle.

Every magical fairytale starts with that line. Last Wednesday, we did indeed make our way to The Castle in Manchester. The back room reeked of sweat and beer and yet, if I had to sum up the night in one word, it would be ‘magical’.

Lee Parry has crowdfunded his EP ‘This Young Heart’ through PledgeMusic. Friends, family, fellow musicians and fans of the bespoke folk singer/songwriter have generously donated to make this EP happen. Lee is such a lovely and humble person, overwhelmed by the fact of how many music lovers have supported him. I sometimes think that he still doesn’t know himself what a wonderful musician he is, the immense talent he has and the effect he has on others. A down to earth young man whose music will make you smile and even shed a tear sometimes because the composition  of his songs, along with his heartfelt bluesy voice will affect you in every aspect. Continue reading

A couple of weeks ago, Grosvenor Casino invited myself and a few other local bloggers for a masterclass at their Didsbury branch.

Having only been to a casino once before, it was a great opportunity for us to learn how to play roulette, black jack and poker.

Gambling is quite controversial but I had to find out for myself and my motto is: ‘Don’t knock it, until you try it.’

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Lee Parry

A couple of weeks ago, the lovely Charlotte from The Riff Raff and I sat down and interviewed the amazing and talented Lee Parry at The Whiskey Jar in Manchester.

A local singer/songwriter from Yorkshire whose voice is simply mesmerising and lets you forget about all your worries and troubles.

I don’t want to give away too much because you can find out all about him in the interview but let me say this much – Mr Lee Parry is one of the most talented people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting and seeing perform.

He will be playing The Castle in Manchester on Wednesday, 16th 2016. Make sure to get yourself down there and prepare to be mesmerised by his stunning voice and beautiful lyrics.


Lee Parry’s FB


As a director, actor/actress, screenwriter, producer or simply just a film enthusiast, there was only one place to be this weekend – The Manchester Film Festival.

Film professionals from all over the world travelled to Manchester to promote their films and network with like minded people.

My friend Nina Gerstenberger happens to be the screenwriter for one of the short films which was being screened this weekend. An interview I did with her last year can be found here: Interview with Nina Gerstenberger



‘Midnight Of My Life’ is a short film and focusses on Steve Marriott (Small Faces) playing a gig at a dingy pub in London whilst his former band mates and other contemporaries are playing Live Aid at Wembley.


Eight minutes. That’s all it takes to get a message across.

And the message was pretty clear in this recently nominated short film: As a musician, it shouldn’t matter whether you’re playing sold out shows in front of thousands of people or in Steve’s case, in a back room at a pub in Putney. It’s all about the music in it’s purest form.

Not only did Martin Freeman give an excellent performance as Steve Marriott but support actor Elliot Brown made his debut in the film as a bloke who works in the pub and also happens to be a massive fan of Steve’s and funnily enough is called Steve as well.


Marriott was all about his music, not about the way he looked and what others thought. Nina managed to capture this particular side of Marriott with her gritty take on this short film and luckily enough the audience gets to be part of a magical moment which makes you question your own intentions and approach in life.

Whether you’ve heard of Steve Marriott before or not – this short film is a must see for any music or independent lover.


Nina at the post screening Q&A

Download the short film today and let me know what you think!

That’s it for today,

Nina xx